19. 6. 2020

26. 5. 2020

22. 5. 2020

23. 3. 2020

ETCS in the first locomotive of original Czechoslovak production

On March 18, 2020, the first DC electric locomotive of the original Czechoslovak production (Skoda manufacturer, 1985) equipped with a functional on-board part of the European signaling system ETCS (European Train Control System) was heading for the Czech railway network.

We upgraded the locomotive 163 022-7, one of the most important carriers in the Czech Republic, ČD Cargo, in our ČMŽO - elektronika s.r.o. in Hranice. After several weeks we started to work on another prototype of ETCS installation into locomotive 363 075-3 of the same carrier.


24. 2. 2020

30. 1. 2020

16. 1. 2020

OCPD001_CZ-ELZELo in Monopoli

We are completing the installation of Mirel VZ1, Mirel RM2 and Rdst FXM20 on special machines OCPD001_EN-ELZEL in Monopoli, in TESMEC rail, this week.

2. 12. 2019

New video: First start of Slovenska Strela's motor

It's been a year since the company Macháč Motors s.r.o. took over the gasoline engines of Slovenské Strely. As you can see in the video, the first engine runs like a clockwork. The second engine is waiting for parts to be delivered and will be in functional state in the upcoming days. We thank the whole team for their excellent work.

18. 11. 2019

New video about CORADIA LINT 41 units

We have prepared for you the first part of our series. In this episode, you can look forward to the introduction of the Coradia LINT 41 unit by Leo Express.

11. 11. 2019

4. 11. 2019

ATP systems for OCPD001_CZ-ELZELo

We have just finished measuring the new vehicle OCPD001_CZ-ELZELo for ATP system delivery (VZ1 Mirel, RM2 Mirel and Rdst FXM 20) in Italian city of Monopoli. Installation starts in december 2019 and approval of the installation will be in february 2020.

30. 7. 2019

20. 6. 2019

17. 6. 2019

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17. 5. 2019

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9. 5. 2019

22. 4. 2019

29. 3. 2019

20. 2. 2019

New units for LEO Express

26. 11. 2018

29. 10. 2018

Video from the Slovenska Strela transport

You can find the transport video on the carrier's website.

24. 9. 2018

Overhaul of control system MVTV 2 - 093

As a subcontractor, we repaired the control system, the actuator and supplied our CATD display units.

5. 9. 2018

Reconstruction of Balm 2 - CZ-AŽD 60 54 89-29 002-9 Bmx 050

The Bmx vehicle (working name Balm 2) was shut down in our company for complete reconstruction on a special saloon car of AŽD Praha s.r.o. Reconstruction was launched at the end of 2016. All the interior elements of the car were dismantled and the car body was completely repaired. Only new upholstered seats and refurbished windows were returned from the original interior, the other equipment was completely new.

We wish AŽD Prague many mileage with this vehicle.

30. 8. 2018

V pátek přivezou z Kopřivnice do Hranic Slovenskou střelu.

Strela původně jezdila na trase Praha - Brno - Bratislava a dosahovala rychlosti až 130 km/h.

Více informací v článku.

25. 7. 2018

2. 7. 2018

We are supporting local diving club

7. 6. 2018

Reconstruction of Bix

For the Railway Travelers Club we have reconstructed the historic wagon Bix.

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happy employees


days from the last accident


Based on the contract No. 254-12 signed on 26th Jauary 2012 with HMH Ltd. we offer complete delivery of train protection systems MIREL VZ1 in versions: CS (Czech and Slovak Republic), CHS (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary), CPS (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovak Republic), CHPS (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic) including complete accessories.

Within the regular half-year service of MIREL VZ1 we offer conducting of D3 functionality tests as prescribed by the manufacturer and providing D4 preventive checks in two-year terms. You can find the dates online on www.mirelis.cz

In order to achieve even higher quality of service we also provide delivery and fitting of so called system tags which allow to perform maintenance on the basis of spare parts delivery while the faulty parts are beeing repaired at the manufacturer. This solution helps to reduce losses caused by non-operational locomotives.
We also supply RM1 speedometers made by HMH Ltd.

For operators working at the Czech market we also provide maintenance training for MIREL VZ1 in D3 level, maintenance training for MIREL VZT3, KAM and ARKTUR, practical locomotive training and staff training. All our servicemen have received a proper training, possess required authorizations and are always ready to serve the customers.


CDS1 is a modular system in an 19 inch cabinet, primarily designed for measuring, managing and diagnostics. The CDS1 system „EO“ kit is configured as a complete substitute for current measuring kit and existing VN protection of one and two-system powered rail vehicles of electric traction.


We provide complex assembly works for electric and diesel locomotives. The staff is divided into two separate assembly teams which perform assembly and disassembly works both in strong and weak current applications based on customer requirements. They perform assembly and component repairs in the engine room, laying and installing the cabling, fitting control boards, switchboard cabinets, controlling computers, electronic protections, warning systems, complete reconstructions etc.

These teams can perform required tasks directly at the customer.


Based on the Ministry of Transport decision ref. No. 18/2012-130- SPR/4 from 20th March 2012 we are authorized to conduct technical inspections and tests (further reffered as TIaT) of technical devices as specified below:

  • rail vehicles electric devices,
  • mobile part of a train warning system, whose electric circuits purpose is to directly ensure safety of rail traffic.

For more information press here. This authorization is valid till 18 January 2016

Developement, production, assembly

Many years of experience with locomotives repairs and reconstructions together with feedback from operators and repairers have led us to think more about modernization of individual functional units as well as modernization of whole locomotives. Our goal is not to replace individual components for new ones but to look
for solutions which will improve manipulation comfort, decrease the level of maintenance demands and reduce operating costs in total.

We propose turnkey solution which are processed, realized and legalized by our staff.