Communication interface

MVBC02 Communication interface

The MVBC02 module is the communication interface between the ETCS on-board unit (OBU) and the vehicle controllers. The OBU sends information about the current and permitted vehicle speed to the MVBC02 module via the MVB communication line. This information is evaluated in real time and a possible action is performed on the vehicle's control circuits and / or the speed controller, in which the set speed is automatically limited to the permitted speed.


From the speed controller, the MVBC02 sends back to the OBU information about the speed value entered. This information is used to display the DMI OBU. The communication converter module with an interface for controlling the automatic speed controller is made of a 28HP aluminum anodised cassette with a "HF frame" type from the manufacturer Schroff. Inside the module is a power supply with a filter, control and communication interface RS422 / 485, CAN and MVB.


Furthermore, an interface enabling control of the speed controller. It consists of the analog part of the speed comparator and the control part with digital inputs and electronic switches. The module itself does not contain any controls. The configuration is determined by the hardware directly from the factory, or programmatically by means of constants. Indication of operating states is provided by LED diodes on the front panel of the module.