Control System and Electronic Protection

CDS1-68E Control System and Electronic Protection

The control system and electronic protections CDS1-68E are a replacement for the original electromechanical protections and at the same time form a superior control system for compressor inverters and an electrodynamic brake regulator. The basic member is an electronics cabinet in a 19 ”design and 3U high. The electronics box is installed in the electronics cabinet of the locomotive. This cabinet contains electronic modules for input / output and communication interfaces, measurement and control.


LEM current and voltage converters are connected to the input analog interfaces and the current bushings of the traction transformer and voltage measurement in the contact wire are connected via the converters.

Using these voltage, current sensors and transducers, installed in the locomotive engine room, it measures traction circuits. When the limit values ​​are exceeded, they intervene by switching off the main switch. The measured values ​​can be displayed on the display screen on the driver's desk.

The digital input interface allows sensing of states from the locomotive circuits.

The output interface allows control of locomotive auxiliary circuits and signaling. Displays at the driver's stations, the tap sensor of the SORT electronic tachograph control transformer and the inverters of the compressor motors are connected to the communication interface. The displays are designed to display the operating conditions of the locomotive and diagnostics.