CDS boX+

Universal control and diagnostic system

CDS boX+ Universal control and diagnostic system

CDS boX + is the smallest modular system from the offer of separate universal control and diagnostic systems and distributed peripherals of the company ČMŽO-elektronika s.r.o.


The system is designed to cover a wide range of simpler applications, but is mainly intended for the collection and transmission of telemetry data from rail vehicles via the GSM public telecommunications network. Other applications include, for example, tightening control of manual as well as direct-acting pneumatic brakes, wiper control, multi-level pressure, voltage or current switches, lubrication of flanges, speed switches, temperature switches and limiters, etc.. 


These applications can be implemented in the CDS boX + module separately, or they can be combined as required with respect to the number of input signal terminals and switches. In addition to digital inputs and switches, counter inputs and analog inputs, the CDS boX + module also has its own real-time clock and internal recording memory. This makes it possible to implement applications such as operating hours counters or monitoring and recording of fault conditions. The CDS boX + modules can be interconnected with each other or with the higher-level control system via a CAN line.


The power supply, communication lines, digital and analog inputs and switches are galvanically separated from the control unit. Its core is a 32-bit single-chip microcomputer.

To change the settings and read the operating records of the application, each module is equipped with a USB interface. It is possible to connect a laptop equipped with the appropriate operating software of the application with a standard USB cable.