AC403 E-E

Air conditioning unit AC403 E-E

AC403 E-E Air conditioning unit AC403 E-E

The air conditioning units are of a compact design and are designed for installation on the roof of the vehicle. They are designed for connection to existing ceiling air ducts or under-ceiling diffusers. The air conditioning unit is equipped with a control unit communicating with the controller or a superior control system for the purpose of automatic temperature regulation according to the standards ČSN EN 13129 or ČSN EN 14750-1.


The air conditioning unit is primarily intended for 810, 628, 845, 928 and 945 series cars. Two air conditioning units are installed on each car. If a sufficiently sized dynamo starter is not installed on the vehicle and its power would not be sufficient to cover the car's energy consumption and battery recharging, the air conditioning unit control unit is able to adjust the unit's consumption. Interlock inputs are also available. For example, to prevent the air conditioning unit from starting up and the car from heating independently.